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From 7,850 QAR / 2,140 USD

Part 1: Legal Wedding

This wedding package has everything you need if you are planning to get married, live in Qatar and want to have a memorable wedding, but you currently have a tight budget. It includes both the legal part and the ceremony.

✔️ Included in the current offer
❌ Can be added as an extra

Before Wedding

✔️ Wedding consultation

Need to talk to our experts? Our team will make sure you have an answer to all your questions!

✔️ Passport Translation

There is nothing worse than waiting for hours at a notary to only realize that you do not have the translation the way you needed it. Our team gets all documents ready before you actually reach the place. What could be better?

✔️ Power of attorney

What could be worse that flying back to Georgia every time a document is missing. Our team makes sure that we can legally assist you after you leave the country. Our job is to get things done, and we will!

✔️ Wedding Paperwork

Getting the wedding paperwork is more tricky than it looks like. If you are looking for getting it done in no time and in a proper way, we do it all. From getting an appointment to receiving the document, we are here for you.

✔️ Airport pick up

Let us help you save your time, money and energy on looking for a cab. The airport pick up is on us!

❌ Hotel & Accommodation

From exclusive experiences to affordable options, our team can help you find the options matching your needs in the best way.

❌ Prenuptial agreement

Life has its own way. When it comes to the international weddings & couples, it makes sense to agree on how you will handle your marriage. Our team can help you setup your own agreement.

❌ Flight

Thanks to our partnerships with FlyDubai, AirArabia and other airlines, we can help you to find the best travel deal  from any of the GCC countries to Georgia.

Wedding Day

✔️ Civil wedding Booking

Depending on your luck, you may end up in the situation where there is no available time slots for you to get married. Let us handle it for you. We will make sure to get it done on time!

✔️ Witnesses

There is no wedding without witnesses. From getting your friends onboard to getting our team coming with you, we will make sure that all goes smooth.

✔️ Wedding Certificate translation

You will get your wedding certificate translated into English. Other languages can be added as an extra.

✔️ 1 GCC legalization or 1 Apostille

Every GCC country has its own rules & processes. Thanks to our local presence and years of experience, we will get your wedding registered in any of the embassies:  UAE, Oman, Saudi (KSA), Qatar or Bahrain. 

Kuwait is charged extra as their embassy is in Armenia.

✔️ Transfer to the Wedding Venue

What could possibly be more annoying than reaching your destination and having no idea of the taxi fares. From picking you up at the airport to driving you around the country – we are there for you. You may find cheaper rates, but there is no way you’ll find the same quality of service!

❌ Non GCC Legalization

Every country & nationality has their own rules & processes. Thanks to our experience and local presence in Georgia & the GCC we are now able to legalize your documents in 97% of the cases. For the missing 3% we will find the way!

After Wedding

✔️ Airport drop off

<p>Yet another thing you don’t need to worry about. We will arrange your transportation back to the airport while you are enjoying the last moments in the country.</p>

✔️ Documents shipping

<p>As soon as your documents are ready we will make sure that you can receive then in any country. We work with the main courrier carriers to deliver you your documents in 100% of the cases.</p>

✔️ Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (Qatar only)

We’ll make sure to provide you the full service for you to receive the certificate ready for the UAE. You will have all needed stamps to be able to use it for any occasion in the UAE

❌ Married or refunded

Sometimes life does not go the way we want. If for whatsoever reason, we can’t get you married, you will get a 100% refund. 

❌ After wedding support

Due to the regular updates of the international laws & regulations, you may end up in a need of new documents or stamps. Our team will provide you all the support you need, exactly when you need it!

❌ Birth Certificate Support

When the life of a little one comes into place, there is no room for mistakes. Let us help you make sure you can peacefully deliver your baby in the country of your residence! We will not provide the birth certificate, but we will give you all the information you need.

what do you get
Part 2: The Wedding Day

Everything you need for a lovely wedding!

The ceremony

✔️ Simple Venues

Let us help you organize the wedding ceremony in a special location. Locations include Georgia, Seychelles, Malta or Dubai.

✔️ Standard Wedding arch

Let’s create a perfect wedding arch for you.

✔️ Transfer to the legal wedding venue

Fancy something different? Classic cars are the best for weddings. Trust us, you’ll love it once you see your wedding photos.

❌ Celebrants

Let’s get our professional celebrants to animate the most beautiful day of your life.

Wedding Outfits

✔️ Bridal bouquet

Give your wedding a special touch with our collection of bouquets made for you.

✔️ Groom boutonniere

Let’s say yes with chic, we can create a nice matching combination of flowers to start your new journey together.


You want to look your best during the best day of your life! And we are here to help you.

❌ Wedding Dress Rental

Let us help you find the perfect dress for your wedding. 

Wedding Extra

✔️ Photographer 1h

Get our special photographers to help you create unforgettable memories of your wedding.

✔️ Dinner for the couple after the ceremony

Let us organize your wedding dinner in one of our amazing locations.

✔️ Sparkling Wine during the ceremony

Let’s bubble this special event! Don’t miss the so good Georgian Sparkling Wines!

❌Transfer to the restaurant & back to the hotel

It’s your special day. Let us handle all the logistic aspect for you so you can seat, relax and live this special moment.

❌ Wedding cake

What is a wedding without a cake?

❌ Videography with drone

Wedding videos shot on drone create totally different and unique vision and experience. Totally worth it! Let us help you arrange it.

❌ Wedding Musicians

Looking for an extra touch on your wedding? Let our team find you the finest Georgian musicians and turn your wedding into a piece of art & harmony!

what do you get
Wedding venues

Choose from our handpicked selection of venues in Georgia, Seychelles, Dubai, Malta & more. Other venues are also available as an extra.

Most common questions
Easy beach wedding options for expats: Seychelles vs Qatar

A beach wedding gives a sense of peace, relaxation, and “bohemian flair” that makes an unforgettable and easy wedding day. Before getting carried away with the idea of being married on the beach in Qatar, it is best to confront reality: it is not going to be simple. Qatar has a lot to offer newlywed couples, including sandy beaches, magnificent five-star hotels and spas, and outstanding international dining options. The cost of these facilities offered can rip a hole in your pocket. This results in most expats choosing to give up their dream of a beach wedding.

The average cost of arranging an enchanting wedding in Qatar can range anywhere from at least ten thousand or more euros. On top of the cost, the procedure and requirements to get married in Qatar are not favorable for expats. This process becomes even more complex in the case of an inter-faith marriage. The only option for you would be to get married at your respective embassies or consulates. Seychelles might offer you an excellent alternative for an easy and swift wedding.

Easy wedding alternatives for expats in Qatar

If you want to have an easy and hassle-free wedding, your ideal option would be to plan a destination wedding in the country of Seychelles. In Seychelles, The marriage procedure is incredibly convenient and affordable, in addition to the stunning scenery and magical beaches. Marriage legalization in this low-cost wedding country involves only the essential prerequisites. Particularly if you and your spouse have different religious backgrounds.

Another alternative is to have an easy internet or online wedding, especially if you or your spouse live a considerable distance away. The translated attested marriage certificate can then be registered with the Ministry of Justice. This is a fantastic choice, especially because Qatari law prohibits Muslim women from marrying outside of religion.

To obtain a legally recognized marriage certificate in Qatar, an expat must normally submit the following documents, which may differ depending on nationality or religion:

  • Passports
  • Birth Certificate and Residence Permit Photographs (passport size)
  • Proof of divorce Application Form (if applicable)
  • Pre-marital health examination

To legalize your marriage in Seychelles you are only required to provide:

  • Authenticated copies of Passports for both parties
  • Authenticated birth certificate for both parties
  • Authenticated Divorce certificates/death certificate (for the previous spouse) – if applicable
  • Registering by filling out an online form or calling the Civil Status office

Seychelles also makes sure to accommodate every religion and race in its flexible marriage laws. All you need to make sure is to inform the Civil Status office at least a week in advance.

Conclusions on your easy beach wedding in Seychelles

In Seychelles, Not only is the beauty appealing but so is the convenience afforded by the legislation. It requires minimum paperwork, enabling every expat’s dream of an easy destination wedding. Best of all, it is much more affordable than compared to Qatar.

Need more details on how to have your easy wedding in Seychelles? Book a call with our team now.

Should couples choose an expensive 2022 wedding in Dubai or Qatar?

There are many factors that dictate where a couple chooses for marriage. The average cost of goods and services is one of those essential requirements. Dubai is a wealthy nation and weddings in this location might entail a tangible amount of luxury.

Couples who want a 2022 wedding in Dubai or Qatar must factor in religion and the cost of the legal and ceremonial processes. Let us now look at the common things that couples can expect for marriage in these places. We will also see why Georgia can be considered a wedding destination.

Common expectations for a Dubai and Qatar wedding

The marriage processes in Dubai and Qatar are quite similar in nature. Both are Muslim entities and civil marriage is done according to Sharia rites. For residents who are not Muslims, the choices of a wedding in their religious outfits or embassies are available to them. 

Some important wedding requirements that might cost the couple some reasonable financial resources are;

  • The feeding of guests
  • The wedding venue and its decoration
  • Photography, and
  • Musical entertainment

Even though these factors look basic, they might be more expensive in Dubai and Qatar than in their home countries because of how hard it might be to get the right service providers. 

Georgia is another option that couples might want to examine. It is a free country that weds people no matter their religion. The registration process does not delay unnecessarily. So, those who do not have the capacity for a 2022 wedding in Dubai can opt for it.

Final remarks on Georgia as a wedding destination

Many couples can testify to the ease that the country of Georgia offered during their marriage process. A large number of applicants complete the registration within a day. If they want a small or large wedding, the process can be finalized in five days.

The more appealing fact about a wedding in Georgia is that venues like hotels, mountain settings, and parks can be afforded without breaking the bank. The couple also gets to experience a new country.

If you consider the facts and believe that a wedding in Georgia is excellent for you, book a consultation with our wedding agency. Our experts will help you to make the best decisions.

How much to plan a dream wedding in Georgia

Being one of the most significant events in a person’s life, it’s not all that surprising that you would dream about your special day and find yourself awash in wonder or even worry when you wake up the next morning. For you and your partner to celebrate and bring together two families and lives, your wedding should be the perfect event. You deserve to have the day of your dreams, whether you want it to be intimate or tumultuous, unconventional or conventional. Together, you and your wedding planner will work to determine how these minor details might be put together to create a truly unique wedding. We have gathered some ideas below for your affordable dream wedding planning! This article discusses how much it cost to plan a dream wedding in Georgia.

One of the smaller GCC countries, Qatar, boasts beautiful scenery, but because of the warm temperatures and the hassle of making reservations, there aren’t many possibilities for lodging. This is why it is advisable for Qatar expats to consider a destination wedding in Georgia!

Cost to plan a dream wedding in the city

The choice is yours to arrange a lovely ceremony in Georgia’s historic and vibrant capital, Tbilisi, or amidst the historical landscapes of Mtskheta. Tbilisi extends along the Mtkvari River’s banks. Mountains surround it on three sides. It beautifully depicts a city that spans ages and is harmoniously intertwined with the modern era.
One of Georgia’s oldest cities, Mtskheta, is another option for your big day. It is situated near the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi Rivers, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of Tbilisi. Additionally, UNESCO has listed it as a World Heritage Site. Mtskheta has been inhabited since 1,000 BC when it served as the early Kingdom of Iberia’s (today’s Eastern Georgia) capital. In contrast to the faster-paced, the picturesque old town offers a relaxed, rustic atmosphere. From your wedding arch to the transportation to your destination, our crew will take care of everything.

Cost to plan a dream wedding by the lake

At the enchanted Kvareli Lake Resort, host your ideal wedding taking your vows in the midst of an alluring verdant forest, surrounded by magnificent landscapes. The resort stands out for its outstanding setting, contemporary design, delectable food, and first-rate service. Located in the heart of  Kakheti, one of Georgia’s most stunning regions. The weeks and months before your wedding will be busy, and you shouldn’t handle everything by yourself. Our team will plan your event and make it memorable, so you can rely on us.

Cost to plan a dream wedding in the mountains

We can help you plan your ceremony in a modern hotel with a gorgeous view and cultural sensitivity for a fantasy wedding straight out of a dream. The Gudauri ski area in Georgia, which is located on a plateau with a southern orientation, is another choice. These two places are the epitome of elegance and allure.


Despite its stunning surroundings, Qatar is one of the smaller GCC countries, offering limited venue options. If you want to exchange vows in a distinctive setting, think about having a destination wedding. However, the choice is yours. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring family and friends together while also gratifying their wanderlust and desire to experience other cultures. Georgia is the perfect location for a destination wedding due to its natural beauty and pleasantly affordable wedding packages. Georgia offers great weather conditions as compared to Qatar and is close to various GCC countries.

Contact a member of our staff as soon as possible to learn more about how much it costs to plan a wedding in Georgia!

Find the best expat wedding offers

Working with an experienced event planner is necessary for your wedding or any other significant occasion. Hiring a wedding organizer may initially seem like a luxurious extravagance. It may sound like a great idea to have someone present to assure the greatest outcome for your special day, but at what cost? A skilled event planner ought to be able to help you save more cash than the fee they charge, perhaps 10% to 20% of the total cost of your event. Wedding planners are the only option to obtain sizable expat wedding offers because they are familiar with providers and have access to special discounts.

Your offers for expat wedding

Couples get right to work on their financial planning. We prioritize your budget so that you are aware of the precise amount of money you have to spend on each category. Future clients and their suppliers will benefit from our capacity to make the best selections. If you go to a vendor meeting without having a spending plan in mind, you run the danger of paying too much. By being aware of the precise expenses associated with every aspect of a wedding and assisting you in making decisions that you can actually afford, wedding planners can help you stay within your budget in the best way possible. Based on their knowledge of the market and the importance of the client’s numerous desires, planners may build a customized strategy.

Benefits you will receive from our offers

We routinely work with our chosen vendors, who occasionally offer us special price packages, waive some fees, and provide more flexible services. We are aware of the prices associated with specific items or services, even though we are unable to offer you any special deals or offers on them. There are discounts on almost everything, including rentals, cakes, illumination, and other products. Offers shouldn’t, however, be the deciding factor when choosing a planner! Our exceptional professionals, who charge full price and go above and above to provide you with everything they are capable of, are the best resource your planner can provide you with.

You have access to more wedding offers

Expat marriage services could provide promotional offers or limited-time deals. The ones you should utilize are the best. Use your ideal planner as usual and keep an eye out for any new offer packages to make the most of them.


Every wedding planner’s top priority is to keep expenses under control and prevent overspending. We are responsible for keeping you from making a choice you’ll later regret. We’ve attended many weddings, so we understand what creates a wonderful first impression, what guests love and remember, and what you should forgo spending money on. Easy Wedding offers a selection of packages and offers for its clients to pick from. Utilize these to affordably plan the wedding of your dreams. We can help you realize your fantasies, whether they involve an exotic wedding or a straightforward ceremony on plain paper.

Get in touch with a member of our team right away to find out more about the deals our Easy Wedding offers for expat marriages.

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