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This wedding package has everything Muslim Couples need to be legally married in Qatar. It can also be delivered for Hindus & Christian. 

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Package details

What is included

✔️ Legal consultation

Our expert team will make sure that you have all the right documents and you are well prepared for the process.

It’s never as simple as providing the right document. There is a certain procedure to follow and a certain way the documents should be attested and presented. Our legal team will take care of the document validation for you.

✔️ Guidance on the steps and requirements

Getting married in islamic country is not an easy thing. But not an impossible one. To make sure you complete the right steps at the right time our team will be there for you throughout the entire process. 

✔️ Pre-marital check information

The UAE takes a great care of its nation and its heritage. That’s why here people are not allowed to just get married without completing a pre-marital check. And rules are no different for expats too. When in Roma do as the Romans do.

✔️ Legalization of the marriage certificate

A few ministries later you will have your wedding certificate perfectly legal and valid in the UAE. But you don’t have to worry about that part. We do the full legalization for you.

Some of the basic requirements

✔️ Passport scan copy

That’s the first and very basic requirement. Just like for any other legal process you need your passport to get start the process here. 

✔️ UAE resident visa scan copy

To get married as an expat in a foreign for you country (UAE) you need to prove your residency here. 

✔️ Pre-marriage medical examination certificate scan copy

UAE government is very strict when it comes to creating new families. They want the future of their nation to be strong and reliable. That’s why the medical examination before getting married is mandatory. 

Please note that it has to be done by the approved medical board)

✔️ Singleness or divorce certificate (if aplicable)

One of the required steps is to prove that you are eligible for getting married 

✔️ Guardian

According to the Sharia law a bride need a permission of her guardian to get married. 

❌ Taxi & Transportation

What could possibly be more annoying than reaching Georgia and having no idea of the taxi fares. From picking you up at the airport to driving you around the country – we are there for you. You may find cheaper rates, but there is no way you’ll find the same quality of service!


✔️ Airport drop off

Yet another thing you don’t need to worry about. We will arrange your transportation back to the airport while you are enjoying the last moments in the country.

✔️ Documents shipping

As soon as your documents are ready we will make sure that you can receive then in any country. We work with the main courier carriers to deliver you your documents in 100% of the cases.

❌ Proposal

Looking for a wedding options but haven’t even proposed yet? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Our team will be happy to help you organize such a sweet and touching event.

❌ Wedding celebrant

If you are not that much of a religious person the chances are you don’t care about the religious wedding either. That’s exactly what wedding celebrants are.

Although they don’t have a legal authority to have you officially married they can create an unforgettable and very personalized ceremony for you.

❌ Bridal bouquet

First: you definitely need it for your wedding photoshoot.

And second: how will your bridesmaids know who’s next?😉

❌ Photoshoot

If you had to choose just one wedding add-on that should be it. The photoshoot. Because memories fade but not the captured ones. Plus going through the old photographs gives such a warm and soothing feeling. Plus think about your grandchildren astonishingly staring at your wedding photos some 100 years later.

See, it’s a no brainer, there are just benefits about booking a wedding photographer. 

❌ Professional videographer

It’s like having still photos of your wedding but a million times better.

❌ Saxophonist

Old school music or the modern vibe, you are the one to decide. But having a saxophone to brighten up your wedding is certainly a great idea. 

what do you get
Who is this package made for?

Our Qatar Muslim court wedding package is made for couples that are in no rush to get married and can provide all the required documents.

The wedding process in Qatar takes a little longer than in other destinations. On the bright side, you don’t even need to travel anywhere and can save that money for your honeymoon.

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Wedding venues

Choose from our handpicked selection of venues in Qatar. Other venues are also available as an extra.

Most common questions
UAE is ready for the first-ever Metaverse wedding

The first online Metaverse wedding would take place on May 19, 2022, with a few invited guests and the press in attendance. The Easy Wedding founders; Florian and Liz; would be the first couples to marry in the world of online Metaverse

What is Metaverse?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples have used technology like Zoom to allow guests to attend weddings even if they are unable to physically attend. However, the metaverse experience allows you to take it a step further and include all of your guests’ avatars. Guests can create their own avatars with the same face, hair color, and other features.

Metaverse is a game-changing technology that easily integrates virtual reality (VR) and creates objects (AR) technologies to bring the real and digital worlds together. Metaverse, to put it simply, is a virtual 3D world where users may create 3D avatars and explore an interactive world.

First Metaverse wedding in UAE

Florian and Liz will walk down the aisle in their very own personal plot on Decentraland, dressed in a stylish, custom-made black and brown suit and a stunning white dress purchased for around $100 from the most important NFT market Open Sea. They will be accompanied by 20 of their closest relatives and friends, who will join them in the metaverse from the comfort of their own homes

Share this news with your friends and family, and let us know if you want to be the part of the first metaverse wedding in the UAE

How Qatar expats can have a wedding in the Abu Dhabi court

The proximity of Qatar to Abu Dhabi and the similarity of cultures are some reasons why expats in Qatar visit the UAE. Sometimes, expats may also want to have a wedding in the Abu Dhabi court because of the easy laws. Such couples should learn all about how to get married in the Abu Dhabi court.

When couples decide to marry in Abu Dhabi, it is important that they know the steps they must take to make the process successful. As we go on in this discussion, we will learn how Qatar expats can have a wedding in the Abu Dhabi court.

How to have a wedding in Abu Dhabi

A wedding in the Abu Dhabi Family Court is quite simple because the law deems only a few documents to be necessary. To begin, the couple has to submit the following documents to the Family Court close to the Zayed Sports Center:

  • The passports of the bride and groom.
  • The birth certificates of the couple.
  • Emirates ID if one or two of them reside in Abu Dhabi.
  • Death or divorce certificate from a former marriage.

After they submit these online or in person, they will have to be available on the day of the marriage. The Abu Dhabi Court has made the process easy for those who want a physical or online marriage.

Making the best choice of a wedding destination

The choice of a wedding destination is very important as it will give the couple a long-time memory to hold on to. If they learn how to get married in the Abu Dhabi court and decide to choose Abu Dhabi, that will be great because the process is smooth but it might take two weeks or more before they finalize the marriage.

People who love nature will also enjoy the lovely sights in Abu Dhabi. An alluring environment plus an easy legal process will make for the most ideal marriage.

If a wedding in Abu Dhabi seems right to you, book a consultation with our team of wedding experts. They will help you to find the best plan for your big day.

How Qatar expats can obtain a civil wedding in the UAE

A civil wedding in the UAE is desirable because many people hold the country on a high pedestal. Since this nation is a sane society with principles, couples who want to marry there should know the important requirements to meet. When they acquaint themselves with these, they will also conclude everything faster.

As couples prepare for their civil marriage, they should note the necessary documents and keep these handy. This text will introduce these documents and also mention some other vital points.

Basic documents for the marriage process

The basic documents that officials often ask for are related to the identity and marital status of the couple. Here are some of them:

  • Passports
  • Evidence of an annulled marriage in the form of a divorce certificate or death certificate. The latter is for widowed couples.
  • The completed version of their marriage application form
  • Emirates’ ID, if any

When couples indicate their interest to get married, the officials will instruct them to submit these documents. After the initial stage is completed, a date will be set for the official wedding ceremony. Finally, the court will issue a marriage certificate to the couple.

The next vital step is to harmonize the documents to meet the requirements of the couple’s home country. This might mean translating and notarizing the certificate.

Concluding on the UAE civil wedding process

The UAE civil wedding is not hard to follow through. The documents are few and the steps to take are easy. Qatar couples can find their way to the UAE and complete the entire marriage registration steps in one day. Once done, the couple will get their certificates.

Many expats believe that the civil wedding process is difficult in many GCC countries but the UAE offers a fast and convenient means of marriage. Couples are sure of a nice time in the country.

If you wish to learn more about the civil wedding process in the UAE, book a consultation with our team of wedding experts. They have a sure map for a successful wedding in this country.

Getting married online for Qatar couple

If you live in the GCC countries and want to marry right away, you must be having difficulty. This is due to the GCC’s long and complex wedding procedure, which can sometimes take months. So, for you, an online marriage is the better option. It will not only allow you to stay at home while the process is taking place, but it will also take the shortest amount of time possible. If you want to know the actual process of getting married online, Continue reading to find out the answer to this question.

What is the procedure for online marriage?

Well, the truth is that you don’t need to do anything difficult or time-consuming. That’s because you’re not compelled to do anything. First and foremost, we schedule a conversation with you in order to obtain all of the pertinent information and details relevant to your situation. It covers information such as nationality, current marital status, religion, and so on. After examining everything, our team of experienced and qualified lawyers will do a comprehensive embassy check. It will help them decide whether online marriage is a viable option for you. If everything seems good, we’ll begin the online wedding planning process for you.

Legal process

After receiving the wedding certificate from the marriage registrar, the certificate undergoes a local legalization process at the respective Ministries and Apostille.

Additionally, if the nation in which you presently reside is not a signatory to the Apostille Convention, we will assist you in bringing the certificate to the appropriate embassy for attestation. We will receive the original hard copy once the entire process is completed. If you live in the UAE, we’ll then finish the final stage of legalization. If you live in a foreign nation, we’ll mail you the original copy to complete the process.

In conclusion of your online wedding

Following the pandemic, many couples living in GCC nations have struggled to return home and marry in their home country. Online weddings have the advantage of being able to take place anywhere, whether it’s at your home or a special location for you.

Share this article with someone whose contemplating between a legal wedding or an online wedding.

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