Wedding packages made for the Qatar Residents

Our wedding packages are made for people living in Qatar. As you imagine, living in the GCC requires a few adaptations for expats.  Laws & regulations are very unique. In addition, religions & nationalities can quickly become a challenge & the bureaucracy can turn it into an impossible one. Our company started to solve our own problems. We had to find the best way to live legally while holding different passports. Finding a solution was not easy. Fortunately, we did it! This is why we are now helping dozens of people every month to find the best solutions to their problems.


Paperwork weddings

Our paperwork wedding packages are built for couples residing in Qatar and planning to live together legally.  You may be looking for this option when you are planning to:

  • Live together as a couple
  • Sponsor your partner
  • Have a baby
  • Apply for new visas

If you are still not sure, please book a call with our legal consultants.

Dream Weddings

A few hours away from Qatar; countries such as Georgia, Seychelles, Malta & more offers incredible opportunities for organizing your wedding. Our professional wedding planners can help you to have a gorgeous wedding at any location:

  • Seaside
  • Old towns & monasteries
  • Mountains 
  • Outdoors

Book a call with our wedding planners and let’s make your dream wedding come true.

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Most common Wedding questions
Easy Wedding has located to a new office in Dubai

Easy Wedding are excited to begin the next chapter of our company from our new office space. This year has been incredibly nourishing from raising funds and recruiting employees for various managerial and strategic positions.

What began as the founders’ personal experience has now grown into one of the most promising tech startups in the wedding industry, with operations spanning the Mena region, Georgia, and even Seychelles. More details on our office space below:


We are pleased to announce Easy Wedding have relocated to a larger office space in the heart of Dubai Internet City. We have moved to one of the city’s most popular business locations due to our expanding business, growing team, and increasing demand from our couples who want to meet us in person.

The larger space and better location will allow us to provide better and faster services to our clients. We are putting together various rooms to make our clients feel more at ease and to add wedding experience to our brand.

You can still reach us at our previous phone number: 800 0320843.

Come see us at our new location and let us help you make your wedding dreams a reality.

How to get married fast without traveling? – wedding in Qatar VS online marriage

You must be encountering difficulties if you live in a GCC country and wish to marry right away. This is owing to the GCC’s lengthy and complicated wedding process, which can take months at times. As a result, an online marriage is a preferable choice for you. It will not only allow you to stay at home while the procedure is carried out but it will also be completed in the quickest time feasible. If you want to learn more about the procedure of getting married online, keep reading to find out the solution.

Marriage in Qatar

Getting married in Qatar is a difficult process. It may necessitate a few trips to embassies, photocopying, digging up certificates, and the usual passport-size photographs.

Each country has its own rules, but you may be required to show your birth certificate, divorce papers, resident permit, passport, and so on. Also, inquire about the procedures at your local embassies.

Getting married online

In terms of a simple and straightforward answer, it is entirely dependent. There are numerous factors that influence whether or not online weddings are legitimate.

For many years, online weddings had no legal value, but thanks to COVID-19, the landscape of this concept has changed. So, here are some of the most important things you should be aware of.

How to get married without traveling

You have to take the following into account while getting married online with us:

  • There will be no Zoom, web, or online wedding ceremony
  • The process has nothing to do with the religion so you cannot acquire any wedding certificate
  • The marriage registrar and lawyers will carry out the wedding process by checking with the couple’s embassies
  • The process will only start once they receive the status of no objection from the embassy
  • The online wedding process requires only the original passport
  • The wedding certificate that you will receive will be 100 percent legit and valid.

Share this information with your loved ones if they have no other way to get married.

Can foreigners get married in the UAE? Evaluation the stakes on Qatar citizens

Given that the United Arab Emirates is an Islamic nation, many might wonder about the feasibility of marriage for foreigners in the territory. The uncertainty is even more compelling for a nation like Qatar which was at loggerheads with the UAE following the 2017 gulf crisis. 

In previous years, Sharia law was the main guiding principle for marriage in the United Arab Emirates. However, a new law that allows foreigners to get married in accordance with the civil marriage contract was recently initiated. The guiding principles are found in the fourth and fifth articles of Law No. 14, 2021.

Requirements of the marriage law for foreigners in UAE

In January 2021, the UAE agreed to a reconciliation with Qatar. This also meant a relief from the travel ban that was formerly placed on Qatar citizens. So, foreigners (Qatar residents inclusive), who choose to get married in the UAE are expected to comply with some uncomplicated standards. 

It will be wise to group the requirements by religious inclinations since religion is a primary deciding factor for marriage.

Marriage between Muslim Qatar expats

 Islam is the official religion in Qatar so if two Muslims from this region decide to get married in the UAE, they simply have to do so in accordance with the Sharia law. The law also allows a Muslim man to get married to a Christian woman but the reverse is not acceptable.

How can Non Muslim Qatar expats get married

The consent of the parties is required in this case. At least one of the two persons getting married must be residing in the UAE and both of them must be up to 18 years old. It is also vital that they tender documents such as;

  • The birth certificate 
  • Divorce certificate (if any)
  • Passports and,
  • A marriage application form.

Final answer to the question: Can foreigners marry in the UAE?

In conclusion, it is true that foreigners can get married in the UAE. They can do this with the aid of the new marriage law which is liberal in all ramifications. Yes, a destination wedding in the UAE is possible.

If you are a foreigner who wishes to get married in the UAE, speak to our legal wedding expert that would make this a stress free process.

Is an easy wedding in Qatar the best fit for Expats?

Are you curious to know whether getting married in Qatar for expats belonging to multicultural countries will be easy for them? Many queries are spiking up like this, No worries at all!

Let’s dive into this article and find out the best solutions to your matrimonial issues. 

Specific Conditions to Follow:

Those expats from different nationalities undergo a lot of paperwork and have to face the restrictions imposed on marriage either by Qatar law or your traditional trends. You can only solemnize your wedding ceremony at approved venues, and the most difficult scenario is that no one can hold the nuptials on beaches. Here are some documents that expats need to submit to the embassy before wedlock:

  • Submit the report of genetic-screening test results in order to show whether the couples are compatible with each other or not.
  • Copies of Passport of both partners
  • Put forward the Residence permit to the embassy
  • Birth certificates of both partners
  • Attach Passport size photos 
  • Fill out the respective application form
  • Need submission of Divorce decree if required

Challenges Facing the Expats for Interfaith Marriages:

For instance, Muslim couples can only marry in a Sharia court or non-Qatari Muslims must provide a letter from a sponsor for marriage. Likewise, there are some limitations on every church, such as catholic churches allowing a marriage to be conducted if one party is Catholic and the other is Christian. They need specific documents which are certificates of eligibility or baptism, based on the laws of different churches.

Recommendations for Resolving the Biggest Matters of Nuptial:

If you are an expat couple and have to face similar situations that usually do. Keep in mind that there are various other easy paths that you can choose for the execution of less-stressful wedlock. Marriage in Georgia, Seychelles, UAE or online alternatives are providing the best services for expats from diverse backgrounds. 

No matter which ethnicity you and your partner belong to, Consult us for planning your marriage as a dream wedding!

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