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Premium wedding package

Part 1: Legal Wedding

This wedding package includes everything you need if you are planning to get married and live in Qatar, and want your wedding to be a day to remember. It includes both the legal part and the ceremony.

✔️ Included in the current offer
❌ Can be added as an extra

Before Wedding

✔️ Wedding consultation

Need to talk to our experts? Our team will make sure you have an answer to all your questions!

✔️ Passport Translation

There is nothing worse than waiting for hours at a notary to only realize that you do not have the translation the way you needed it. Our team gets all documents ready before you actually reach the place. What could be better?

✔️ Power of Attorney

Our team makes sure that we can legally assist you after you leave the country. Our job is to get things done, and we will!

✔️ Wedding Paperwork

Getting the wedding paperwork is more tricky than it looks like. If you are looking for getting it done in no time and in a proper way, we do it all. From getting an appointment to receiving the document, we are here for you.

✔️ Airport pick up

Let us help you save your time, money and energy on looking for a cab. The airport pick up is on us!

❌ Hotel & Accommodation

From exclusive experiences to affordable options, our team can help you find the options matching your needs in the best way.

❌ Prenuptial agreement

Life has its own way. When it comes to the international weddings & couples, it makes sense to agree on how you will handle your marriage. Our team can help you setup your own agreement.

❌ Flight

Thanks to our partnerships with FlyDubai, AirArabia and other airlines, we can help you to find the best travel deal  from any of the GCC countries to Georgia.

Wedding Day

✔️ Civil wedding Booking

Depending on your luck, you may end up in the situation where there is no available time slots for you to get married. Let us handle it for you. We will make sure to get it done on time!

✔️ Witnesses

There is no wedding without witnesses. From getting your friends onboard to getting our team coming with you, we will make sure that all goes smooth.

✔️ Document translation

You will get your wedding certificate translated into English. Other languages can be added as an extra.

✔️ 1 GCC legalization or 1 Apostille

Every GCC country has its own rules & processes. Thanks to our local presence and years of experience, we will get your wedding registered in any of the embassies:  UAE, Oman, Saudi (KSA), Qatar or Bahrain. 

Kuwait is charged extra as their embassy is in Armenia.

✔️ Transport to the Wedding Venue

What could possibly be more annoying than reaching your destination and having no idea of the taxi fares. From picking you up at the airport to driving you around the country – we are there for you. You may find cheaper rates, but there is no way you’ll find the same quality of service!

❌ Non GCC Legalization

Every country & nationality has their own rules & processes. Thanks to our experience and local presence in Georgia & the GCC we are now able to legalize your documents in 97% of the cases. For the missing 3% we will find the way!

After Wedding

✔️ Airport drop off

<p>Yet another thing you don’t need to worry about. We will arrange your transportation back to the airport while you are enjoying the last moments in the country.</p>

✔️ Documents shipping

<p>As soon as your documents are ready we will make sure that you can receive then in any country. We work with the main courrier carriers to deliver you your documents in 100% of the cases.</p>

✔️ Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (Qatar only)

We’ll make sure to provide you the full service for you to receive the certificate ready for the UAE. You will have all needed stamps to be able to use it for any occasion in the UAE

✔️ Married or refunded

Sometimes life does not go the way we want. If for whatsoever reason, we can’t get you married, you will get a 100% refund. 

✔️ After wedding support

Due to the regular updates of the international laws & regulations, you may end up in a need of new documents or stamps. Our team will provide you all the support you need, exactly when you need it!

❌ Birth Certificate Support

When the life of a little one comes into place, there is no room for mistakes. Let us help you make sure you can peacefully deliver your baby in the country of your residence! We will not provide the birth certificate, but we will give you all the information you need.

❌ Tours

Let us book for you a tour that will turn your wedding into the best experience ever! After all it only happens once in a lifetime.

what do you get
Part 2: The Wedding Day

Everything you need for a lovely wedding!

The ceremony

✔️ Simple Venues

Let us help you organize the wedding ceremony in a special location. Locations include Georgia, Seychelles, Malta or Dubai.

✔️ Standard Wedding arch

Let’s create a perfect wedding arch for you.

✔️ Groom Transportation to the venue in a regular car

Let’s make sure we get you to the ceremony on time so you can just relax and enjoy the day!

✔️ Bride Transportation to the venue in a regular car

Let’s make sure we get you to the ceremony on time so you can just relax and enjoy the day!

✔️ Wedding Musicians

Let’s get our profesionnal celebrants to animate the most beautiful day of your life.

❌ Celebrants

Let’s get our professional celebrants to animate the most beautiful day of your life.

Wedding Outfits

✔️ Bridal bouquet

Give your wedding a special touch with our collection of bouquets made for you.

✔️ Groom boutonniere

Let’s say yes with chic, we can create a nice matching combination of flowers to start your new journey together.


You want to look your best during the best day of your life! And we are here to help you.

❌ Wedding Dress Rental

Let us help you find the perfect dress for your wedding. 

Wedding Extra

✔️ Photographer 1h

Get our special photographers to help you create unforgettable memories of your wedding.

✔️ Dinner for the couple after the ceremony

Let us organize your wedding dinner in one of our amazing locations.

✔️ Sparkling Wine during the ceremony

Let’s bubble this special event! Don’t miss the so good Georgian Sparkling Wines!

✔️ Wedding cake

What is a wedding without a cake?

✔️ Transfer to the restaurant & back to the hotel

It’s your special day. Let us handle all the logistic aspect for you so you can seat, relax and live this special moment.

❌ Videographer with drone

Wedding videos shot on drone create totally different and unique vision and experience. Totally worth it! Let us help you arrange it.

what do you get
Wedding venues

Choose from our handpicked selection of venues in Georgia, Seychelles, Dubai, Malta & more. Other venues are also available as an extra.

Most common questions
The requirements to plan a dream proposal in Georgia for Qatar residents

Proposals mark the beginning of your enduring love story. They serve as definitive proof that you dream of living out the rest of your life with your ideal spouse. However, arranging to have all the necessities on hand is the key to making it as really unforgettable as possible. Georgia provides everything you could possibly need.

We can help with plans for the lovely proposal you have in mind to meet all of your expectations. You’d be surprised by the cost and affordability at the most spectacular locations. With startled and misty eyes as you kneel before them, Georgia ensures stunning and intriguing locations. This is where you may make sure your partner receives the proposal they’ve always desired. We have compiled all of the requirements to plan a dream proposal in Georgia.

What are the requirements to plan your dream proposal?

 The finest technique to make it worthy for you to propose to your sweetheart is through Georgia. A country with a rich history, situated between Europe and Asia draws tourists with its attractiveness due to its location between the cold Caucasus and the warm Black Sea. It has a long and storied wine heritage in terms of the rich history and culinary traditions of the Georgians. You have several option of proposals in Georgia.

Set aside time for rafting, tubing, or fishing in stunning lakes and rivers. Cozy up in Georgia’s towns with one of the finest locations to make the perfect proposal to your lover. Georgia arranges the greatest meals for the occasion to make it memorable. Taking into account the wonderful locations for the romantic proposal with cultural meals like the national dish Khinkali.

The country has a strong culinary history. Traditional dishes with flavors of Persian, Mediterranean, Arabic, Ottoman, and Mongol origin have been greatly impacted by Georgian cuisine. Georgian wines have a reputation for being rich and sweet in flavor and of high quality. Kaveri wines are the most noteworthy among them all which are frequently buried underground in the winemaking

Propose in Batumi

The second-largest city in Georgia and a picturesque Black Sea with a mountain backdrop. Batumi is one of the most popular locations for proposals. Excitement may be found at every turn, too. The pleasant weather in Batumi insists visitors to spend as much time outside as they can. This makes Batumi the perfect place to organize a beach proposal.

Propose in Tbilisi

Popular vineyards in Kakheti, as well as churches, museums, architecturally significant buildings, clock towers, and historical sites, are in Tbilisi. Additionally, Tbilisi was ranked among the top 53 cities in the world by an online magazine. Convey your feelings from the hills to the sea by organizing a romantic evening on the sand with Georgian wine.

Conclusions on requirements to plan a proposal in Georgia

Georgia provides various types of valleys, including vineyards, medieval wine caves, and breathtaking beaches for the most romantic tales to be told. Complemented by the most curled up and cozy weather. Making it engaging for all of the visitors traveling. Georgia greets visitors from the Middle East and all the countries worldwide. Georgia’s locales are happy to welcome Qatar expats. 

Want more information regarding the requirements to plan a proposal in Georgia? Contact our advisor now!

Legal marriage process for Qatar expats moving to Canada

Are you a Qatar expat planning to create a family and a new life in Canada and have questions regarding the legal marriage process? Read the full article and we will provide you with the best recommendations for a stress-free experience.

Immigration laws in Canada

Couples who have never lived together have limited options for bringing someone into Canada as their legally recognized spouse. The only option is a legally recognized marriage in which both of you were physically present.

If you and your partner live in a GCC country, you should be aware of the challenges of getting married there. Many couples have chosen alternative options such as going to Georgia or even getting married online. If you want to move to Canada, however, getting married online is not the best option.

Why doesn’t Canada accept online weddings?

Prior to 2015, Canada permitted marriages done online when one or both spouses were not physically present for immigration purposes. The only stipulation was that the marriage is legally recognized in the country in which it occurred.

The Canadian government, on the other hand, no longer recognizes this. The prohibition of internet marriage was made primarily to address women’s vulnerability in the immigration situation.

Recommendation to have a legal marriage in Canada as a Qatar expat

Virtual marriage is not recognized as valid in Canada. However,  many countries, like Georgia, Seychelles, and the United Arab Emirates (for non-Muslims), provide simple wedding options. These countries have less paperwork and are better suited for foreigners who want to get married quickly and without hassle.

Still confused about the Canadian immigration process and your wedding plans; book a call with our legal wedding experts

Is it easy to marry in Qatar for Filipino nationals

To be married successfully in Qatar as a Filipino, you’ll need to know the facts. If you are planning on getting married in Qatar, there are a number of things you should be aware of.

Getting married as an expat living abroad is easier if your partner is of the same nationality, follows the same religion, and has all of the necessary papers. In this article, we’ll go over the criteria on how to do it.

Getting married in Qatar as a Filipino Muslim

It will be quite easy to get married in Qatar if you are a Filipino Muslim, as the laws of the country will favor you. The marriage will have to be conducted at the sharia courts, which you will find at Al Rayyan Road in the Musheirib area. It is only Muslims who can get married here.

Although there are marriages between Muslim men and non-Muslim women that are allowed in other Muslim countries, but not in Qatar Sharia courts.

Non-Muslim Filipinos getting married in Qatar

If you are a non-Muslim in Qatar, the best option for getting married might be a civil marriage as long as the requirements are in place.

  • Contacting either the Anglican, Catholic, or an Orthodox church in Qatar to arrange the marriage
  • The marriage certificate has to be translated into Arabic by a translator who should be recognized by the QCCI—Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • The marriage certificate has to be registered at the office of land registration and legalization in West Bay’s Ministry of Justice office.

In conclusion on how to get married in Qatar for Filipino

For Filipinos, getting married in Qatar is determined primarily by the religion and nationality of their future spouse. Due to the fact that Qatar is an Islamic country, Muslims have an easier time getting married than non-Muslims.

If your partner is of a different nationality or faith, we recommend Georgia or the Seychelles as alternative wedding destinations. The process and documentation are simpler here, and interfaith couples can get married with ease.

Keen to know more about getting married in Qatar for Filipinos ? Book a call with our team of legal expert planners to know more.

Is an easy wedding in Qatar the best fit for Expats?

Are you curious to know whether getting married in Qatar for expats belonging to multicultural countries will be easy for them? Many queries are spiking up like this, No worries at all!

Let’s dive into this article and find out the best solutions to your matrimonial issues. 

Specific Conditions to Follow:

Those expats from different nationalities undergo a lot of paperwork and have to face the restrictions imposed on marriage either by Qatar law or your traditional trends. You can only solemnize your wedding ceremony at approved venues, and the most difficult scenario is that no one can hold the nuptials on beaches. Here are some documents that expats need to submit to the embassy before wedlock:

  • Submit the report of genetic-screening test results in order to show whether the couples are compatible with each other or not.
  • Copies of Passport of both partners
  • Put forward the Residence permit to the embassy
  • Birth certificates of both partners
  • Attach Passport size photos 
  • Fill out the respective application form
  • Need submission of Divorce decree if required

Challenges Facing the Expats for Interfaith Marriages:

For instance, Muslim couples can only marry in a Sharia court or non-Qatari Muslims must provide a letter from a sponsor for marriage. Likewise, there are some limitations on every church, such as catholic churches allowing a marriage to be conducted if one party is Catholic and the other is Christian. They need specific documents which are certificates of eligibility or baptism, based on the laws of different churches.

Recommendations for Resolving the Biggest Matters of Nuptial:

If you are an expat couple and have to face similar situations that usually do. Keep in mind that there are various other easy paths that you can choose for the execution of less-stressful wedlock. Marriage in Georgia, Seychelles, UAE or online alternatives are providing the best services for expats from diverse backgrounds. 

No matter which ethnicity you and your partner belong to, Consult us for planning your marriage as a dream wedding!

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