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Wedding Paperwork For Qatar Residents

Our wedding packages are customized for the GCC residents. You will receive all the documents & paperwork you need to live in the GCC at the end of the process.

✔️ Included in the current offer
❌ Can be added as an extra


Muslim court wedding package

From 3500 QAR / 960 USD

For Muslim Couples

Let’s go through all the steps you need to go through in order to get a wedding certificate usable in Qatar and outside.

What is included

  • Legal consultation ✔️
  • Guidance on the steps & requirements ✔️
  • Pre-marital check information ✔️
  • Legalization of the marriage certificate ✔️

A few basic requirements

  • Passport scan copy ✔️
  • Qatar resident visa scan copy ✔️
  • Pre-marriage medical examination ✔️
  • Singleness or divorce certificate (if applicable) ✔️
  • Guardian ✔️


  • Proposals ❌
  • Wedding Celebrants ❌
  • Bouquets ❌
  • Photoshoots ❌
  • Musicians ❌

Possible locations

  • Qatar
  • UAE

Easy Package

From 4250 QAR / 1160 USD

For the cost savers

Our team will help you to go through all the needed steps in order to get your wedding done.

Before the Wedding

  • Passports Translations ✔️
  • Power Of Attorney ✔️
  • Wedding Paperwork ✔️
  • Legal Consultation ✔️
  • Hotel & Accommodation ❌
  • Prenuptial Agreement ❌
  • Flight ❌

During the Wedding Day

  • Civil Wedding Booking ✔️
  • Witnesses ✔️
  • Document Translation ✔️
  • GCC Legalization ✔️
  • Apostille certificate ❌
  • Extra Embassy Legalization ❌
  • Taxi & Transportation ❌

After the wedding

  • Documents Shipping ✔️
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs*✔️
  • Married Or Refunded 🎁
  • After Wedding Support ❌
  • Birth Certificate Support ❌
  • Dinner ❌
  • Tours ❌

Possible Locations

  • UAE
  • Georgia
  • Seychelles
  • Malta
  • Online

Full Package

From 5250 QAR / 1450 USD

For the busy bees

Our team will take care of all the steps of the process for you until you receive your wedding certificate in the country of your residence.

Before the Wedding

  • Passports Translations ✔️
  • Power Of Attorney ✔️
  • Wedding Paperwork ✔️
  • Legal Consultation ✔️
  • Prenuptial Agreement✔️
  • Airport pick ✔️
  • Hotel & Accommodation❌
  • Flight ❌

During the Wedding Day

  • Civil Wedding Booking ✔️
  • Witnesses ✔️
  • Document Translation ✔️
  • 1 GCC Legalization ✔️
  • Apostille certificate ✔️
  • Extra Embassy Legalization ✔️
  • Transportation to City Hall ✔️

After the wedding

  • Documents Shipping ✔️
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs* ✔️
  • After Wedding Support ✔️
  • Married Or Refunded 🎁
  • Airport drop off ✔️
  • Birth Certificate Support 🎁
  • Dinner 🎁
  • Tours 🎁

Possible locations

  • UAE
  • Georgia
  • Seychelles
  • Malta
  • Online

Not sure yet? We are here for you.

Most common Wedding questions
Should couples choose an expensive 2022 wedding in Dubai or Qatar?

There are many factors that dictate where a couple chooses for marriage. The average cost of goods and services is one of those essential requirements. Dubai is a wealthy nation and weddings in this location might entail a tangible amount of luxury.

Couples who want a 2022 wedding in Dubai or Qatar must factor in religion and the cost of the legal and ceremonial processes. Let us now look at the common things that couples can expect for marriage in these places. We will also see why Georgia can be considered a wedding destination.

Common expectations for a Dubai and Qatar wedding

The marriage processes in Dubai and Qatar are quite similar in nature. Both are Muslim entities and civil marriage is done according to Sharia rites. For residents who are not Muslims, the choices of a wedding in their religious outfits or embassies are available to them. 

Some important wedding requirements that might cost the couple some reasonable financial resources are;

  • The feeding of guests
  • The wedding venue and its decoration
  • Photography, and
  • Musical entertainment

Even though these factors look basic, they might be more expensive in Dubai and Qatar than in their home countries because of how hard it might be to get the right service providers. 

Georgia is another option that couples might want to examine. It is a free country that weds people no matter their religion. The registration process does not delay unnecessarily. So, those who do not have the capacity for a 2022 wedding in Dubai can opt for it.

Final remarks on Georgia as a wedding destination

Many couples can testify to the ease that the country of Georgia offered during their marriage process. A large number of applicants complete the registration within a day. If they want a small or large wedding, the process can be finalized in five days.

The more appealing fact about a wedding in Georgia is that venues like hotels, mountain settings, and parks can be afforded without breaking the bank. The couple also gets to experience a new country.

If you consider the facts and believe that a wedding in Georgia is excellent for you, book a consultation with our wedding agency. Our experts will help you to make the best decisions.

How Qatar expats can obtain a civil wedding in the UAE

A civil wedding in the UAE is desirable because many people hold the country on a high pedestal. Since this nation is a sane society with principles, couples who want to marry there should know the important requirements to meet. When they acquaint themselves with these, they will also conclude everything faster.

As couples prepare for their civil marriage, they should note the necessary documents and keep these handy. This text will introduce these documents and also mention some other vital points.

Basic documents for the marriage process

The basic documents that officials often ask for are related to the identity and marital status of the couple. Here are some of them:

  • Passports
  • Evidence of an annulled marriage in the form of a divorce certificate or death certificate. The latter is for widowed couples.
  • The completed version of their marriage application form
  • Emirates’ ID, if any

When couples indicate their interest to get married, the officials will instruct them to submit these documents. After the initial stage is completed, a date will be set for the official wedding ceremony. Finally, the court will issue a marriage certificate to the couple.

The next vital step is to harmonize the documents to meet the requirements of the couple’s home country. This might mean translating and notarizing the certificate.

Concluding on the UAE civil wedding process

The UAE civil wedding is not hard to follow through. The documents are few and the steps to take are easy. Qatar couples can find their way to the UAE and complete the entire marriage registration steps in one day. Once done, the couple will get their certificates.

Many expats believe that the civil wedding process is difficult in many GCC countries but the UAE offers a fast and convenient means of marriage. Couples are sure of a nice time in the country.

If you wish to learn more about the civil wedding process in the UAE, book a consultation with our team of wedding experts. They have a sure map for a successful wedding in this country.

The requirements to plan a dream proposal in Georgia for Qatar residents

Proposals mark the beginning of your enduring love story. They serve as definitive proof that you dream of living out the rest of your life with your ideal spouse. However, arranging to have all the necessities on hand is the key to making it as really unforgettable as possible. Georgia provides everything you could possibly need.

We can help with plans for the lovely proposal you have in mind to meet all of your expectations. You’d be surprised by the cost and affordability at the most spectacular locations. With startled and misty eyes as you kneel before them, Georgia ensures stunning and intriguing locations. This is where you may make sure your partner receives the proposal they’ve always desired. We have compiled all of the requirements to plan a dream proposal in Georgia.

What are the requirements to plan your dream proposal?

 The finest technique to make it worthy for you to propose to your sweetheart is through Georgia. A country with a rich history, situated between Europe and Asia draws tourists with its attractiveness due to its location between the cold Caucasus and the warm Black Sea. It has a long and storied wine heritage in terms of the rich history and culinary traditions of the Georgians. You have several option of proposals in Georgia.

Set aside time for rafting, tubing, or fishing in stunning lakes and rivers. Cozy up in Georgia’s towns with one of the finest locations to make the perfect proposal to your lover. Georgia arranges the greatest meals for the occasion to make it memorable. Taking into account the wonderful locations for the romantic proposal with cultural meals like the national dish Khinkali.

The country has a strong culinary history. Traditional dishes with flavors of Persian, Mediterranean, Arabic, Ottoman, and Mongol origin have been greatly impacted by Georgian cuisine. Georgian wines have a reputation for being rich and sweet in flavor and of high quality. Kaveri wines are the most noteworthy among them all which are frequently buried underground in the winemaking

Propose in Batumi

The second-largest city in Georgia and a picturesque Black Sea with a mountain backdrop. Batumi is one of the most popular locations for proposals. Excitement may be found at every turn, too. The pleasant weather in Batumi insists visitors to spend as much time outside as they can. This makes Batumi the perfect place to organize a beach proposal.

Propose in Tbilisi

Popular vineyards in Kakheti, as well as churches, museums, architecturally significant buildings, clock towers, and historical sites, are in Tbilisi. Additionally, Tbilisi was ranked among the top 53 cities in the world by an online magazine. Convey your feelings from the hills to the sea by organizing a romantic evening on the sand with Georgian wine.

Conclusions on requirements to plan a proposal in Georgia

Georgia provides various types of valleys, including vineyards, medieval wine caves, and breathtaking beaches for the most romantic tales to be told. Complemented by the most curled up and cozy weather. Making it engaging for all of the visitors traveling. Georgia greets visitors from the Middle East and all the countries worldwide. Georgia’s locales are happy to welcome Qatar expats. 

Want more information regarding the requirements to plan a proposal in Georgia? Contact our advisor now!

Getting pregnant before marriage in Qatar

Traditionally, marriage comes before pregnancy, but in recent times, things seem to have changed as some people would prefer to get pregnant before marriage. For example, in some parts of Africa, they prefer pregnancy before marriage just to be sure the lady or the man is “fertile”. (i.e., he or she’s not barren). However, this is not the case in Qatar.

Read on to know what Qatar law says and possible recommendations on what to do.

Consequences of getting pregnant before marriage in Qatar

It is very important to know that it is illegal for a woman who is not married to be pregnant in Qatar. This comes with some consequences which include jail time, deportation, even physical punishment like lashings. Most women who get pregnant before marriage cannot enjoy prenatal health care.

The laws states that children can have access to health insurance only when a marriage license is presented. In a scenario like this, getting married might be a good option.

What Qatar law says about abortion

Under Qatar’s penal code, abortion is illegal and is highly punishable. Even the person that performed the abortion on the woman is not left out of the penalty. However, there are exceptions to this law based on the following conditions;

  • When the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother and/or the child,
  • If there is evidence that the child has mental or physical deficiencies,
  • If recommended by a medical commission comprising three specialists and it must be performed in a Government hospital.

Solutions to pregnancy before marriage in Qatar

  • Online wedding for couples who cannot travel, or
  • Destination wedding in either Seychelles or Georgia. These locations are the best and most cost-effective options.

So whichever option you are choosing, whether online or destination wedding, the entire process including obtaining a legal marriage license will not take time. It’s just a matter of days.

You are free to share this information with your friends and family to educate them and to let them know that getting pregnant before marriage in Qatar is not a death sentence.

Book your free consultation.