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Saudi Arabia joins the HCCH Apostille Convention-How this affects Qatar expats


Saudi and Qatar are two strong nations that are classified within the GCC countries. Expat couples in GCC countries often think that the marriage process within their territory is hard. But in recent times, many countries like Saudi are taking some measures to simplify their procedures.

Authentication is one aspect of the marriage process that turns prospective couples away from some countries. In this article, we will examine how Saudi joining the Apostille convention has helped to eliminate the need for double certification.

Effect of Saudi Arabia joining the Apostille Convention

Now that Saudi joined the Apostille convention on April 2022, this means that couples can bypass the legalization of their foreign public documents. Before this move was made, people who had documents from Apostille nations were to still submit their documents for authentication. Many felt that the process was lengthy and stressful.

When the new mode of operation goes into effect by the end of the year, all documents from Apostille countries will get a full pass in Saudi Arabia. This has many potential benefits for expats.

Overview of the new Saudi Agreement

While Qatar is not a party to the Hague Apostille Convention, Saudi Arabia is now a member. What this means is that the documentation process is now a lot easier in Saudi. Documents received from Saudi Arabia will also be accepted in other Apostille nations without additional authentications.

Expats within the GCC now have one more option with simple legal processes. Couples can thus save time and energy.

The agreement is in its early stage so, we do not have all the facts on what it could mean for couples who marry in Apostille nations outside Saudi Arabia. Any additional information on the subject will be discussed later.

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