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How to marry in the Abu Dhabi court – A comprehensive explanation


Qatar and the UAE are close brothers that share the same continent. On a daily basis, there is the movement of people to and from the nations. Some of the movements are for business purposes while others are for leisure. Celebrations for weddings and other parties are also not exempted.

This article is specifically designed to address how expats who go to Abu Dhabi for marriage can get the process done in the easiest ways. Knowing this important information will save them some money and stress. Qatar couples will have better information after the reading.

Must-have documents for a hitch-free wedding

To have a wedding in Abu Dhabi does not require the couple to strain themselves unnecessarily. The basic thing to do is to know which documents they have to bring and tender these to the right office. The Judicial Department of the Abu Dhabi courts handles civil weddings.

The marriage official will often require the couple to get the following papers ready:

  • Passports
  • Proof of a dissolved marriage
  • Emirates ID if they have one, and
  • The completed marriage application form

After they get their certificate, couples are encouraged to have this notarized to prevent conflicts with their home embassies. Also, it is not unusual to have couples come along with their family and friends to make the day more remarkable.

Concluding observations on the Abu Dhabi civil wedding

The Abu Dhabi civil wedding is just like a normal civil wedding in any other part of the world. It is easy and meant to assist foreigners who for whatever reasons, want to marry in the country. The laws are not only for non-Muslims so people from different parts of the world can decide to marry in Abu Dhabi.

Easy marriage laws, nice physical features, and wonderful innovations are only but a few of the many exciting things that couples can hope to find in Abu Dhabi. The smooth process is worth the energy spent on arrangements. Now you know how to marry in the Abu Dhabi court.

If you think that a wedding in Abu Dhabi is what you and your partner require, book a consultation with our team of unique wedding experts. They have the manual to make the process even smoother for you and yours.

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