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Easy wedding alternative for Kuwait expats: Qatar


If you are an expat in Kuwait, considering other GCC countries for your dream wedding, this is just the read for you. Kuwait offers some of the most regal venues for a wedding, but the long and time-consuming process can be a bit of a hassle. Since Qatar is a GCC country, it is governed by Sharia law just like Kuwait. This can prolong the wedding registration process considerably.

Qatar has a lot to offer newlywed couples, including sandy beaches, exquisite five-star hotels and spas, and world-class international restaurants. The price of these services might burn a hole in your wallet. Aside from the expense, the process and conditions for getting married in Qatar are unattractive to expats. In the event of an interfaith marriage, the process gets considerably more complicated. Your only choice would be to marry at your respective embassies or consulates. Let us guide you through your easy wedding process as a Kuwait expat.

Requirements for having a wedding in Qatar for Kuwait expats

In order to have a legally recognized marriage in Qatar, an expat is required to generally produce the following documents, which can vary according to your nationality or religion:

  • Passports
  • Residence Permit
  • Birth Certificate
  • Photographs (passport size)
  • Application form
  • Proof of divorce (if applicable)
  • Pre-marital health screening

Most expats would rather avoid this difficult procedure and choose easy and less expensive choices. A destination wedding is an excellent choice if you want a simple and stress-free wedding.

Easy destination wedding alternatives for Kuwait expats

Georgia and Seychelles are ideal alternatives for expats who want to marry amidst luxuriant plant life and gorgeous beaches. These countries may assist you in planning your special day while also being cost-effective. By selecting these countries to organize an easy wedding, you may avoid having to gather a large number of paperwork and spending time researching. The wedding procedure is straightforward and easy with no requirement to be a resident.

In addition to the breathtaking landscapes and lovely beaches, the marriage procedure is extremely convenient and economical. Marriage legality in these low-cost countries entails simply the most basic requirements. Especially if you and your spouse come from different religious backgrounds.

Another option is to have a simple internet or online wedding, which is especially useful if you or your spouse are long-distance. Following that, the translated and certified marriage certificate can be registered with the Ministry of Justice. This is an excellent idea, especially given that Qatari law forbids Muslim women from marrying outside of their religion.

If you are adamant about holding your wedding in the GCC, UAE stands out as an excellent option. The latest law introduced in Abu Dhabi favors non-Muslim marriages for residents and visitors alike. This is especially suitable if being with your partner is your only concern without the obstacle of minding a budget.  

Final verdict for Kuwait expats looking to marry in Qatar

Most expats would rather avoid this intimidating procedure and choose easy and less expensive solutions, such as an uncomplicated online wedding. Due to the high expense of wedding venues in Qatar, most couples opt for destination weddings in Georgia or Seychelles. Given these factors, it is preferable to skip the lengthy procedure and choose a more straightforward choice.

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