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Easy beach wedding options for expats: Seychelles vs Qatar


A beach wedding gives a sense of peace, relaxation, and “bohemian flair” that makes an unforgettable and easy wedding day. Before getting carried away with the idea of being married on the beach in Qatar, it is best to confront reality: it is not going to be simple. Qatar has a lot to offer newlywed couples, including sandy beaches, magnificent five-star hotels and spas, and outstanding international dining options. The cost of these facilities offered can rip a hole in your pocket. This results in most expats choosing to give up their dream of a beach wedding.

The average cost of arranging an enchanting wedding in Qatar can range anywhere from at least ten thousand or more euros. On top of the cost, the procedure and requirements to get married in Qatar are not favorable for expats. This process becomes even more complex in the case of an inter-faith marriage. The only option for you would be to get married at your respective embassies or consulates. Seychelles might offer you an excellent alternative for an easy and swift wedding.

Easy wedding alternatives for expats in Qatar

If you want to have an easy and hassle-free wedding, your ideal option would be to plan a destination wedding in the country of Seychelles. In Seychelles, The marriage procedure is incredibly convenient and affordable, in addition to the stunning scenery and magical beaches. Marriage legalization in this low-cost wedding country involves only the essential prerequisites. Particularly if you and your spouse have different religious backgrounds.

Another alternative is to have an easy internet or online wedding, especially if you or your spouse live a considerable distance away. The translated attested marriage certificate can then be registered with the Ministry of Justice. This is a fantastic choice, especially because Qatari law prohibits Muslim women from marrying outside of religion.

To obtain a legally recognized marriage certificate in Qatar, an expat must normally submit the following documents, which may differ depending on nationality or religion:

  • Passports
  • Birth Certificate and Residence Permit Photographs (passport size)
  • Proof of divorce Application Form (if applicable)
  • Pre-marital health examination

To legalize your marriage in Seychelles you are only required to provide:

  • Authenticated copies of Passports for both parties
  • Authenticated birth certificate for both parties
  • Authenticated Divorce certificates/death certificate (for the previous spouse) – if applicable
  • Registering by filling out an online form or calling the Civil Status office

Seychelles also makes sure to accommodate every religion and race in its flexible marriage laws. All you need to make sure is to inform the Civil Status office at least a week in advance.

Conclusions on your easy beach wedding in Seychelles

In Seychelles, Not only is the beauty appealing but so is the convenience afforded by the legislation. It requires minimum paperwork, enabling every expat’s dream of an easy destination wedding. Best of all, it is much more affordable than compared to Qatar.

Need more details on how to have your easy wedding in Seychelles? Book a call with our team now.

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