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Planning to choose the best location for marriage: Easy wedding Georgia VS Qatar


Unlike other countries, Georgia is quite a peaceful location for organizing your wedlock. Not only is it filled with mesmerizing locations, but it also keeps your mind relaxed. When you have received so many leverages in one place, why do you travel around? Read this article and know what you want to love about it. 

Requirements for Easy wedding Georgia Matrimonial Laws

There are no discriminatory marriage laws in Georgia; the only requirement is that both partners must be 18 years of age. Minors who are legally emancipated and are at least 17 years old are also permitted to marry in Georgia, but they must provide proof of emancipation.

No residency requirement exists in Georgia, so neither partner must reside in the state or even in the country. However, there are some differences in marriage requirements between Georgia residents and out-of-state residents. Local Georgia residents may obtain a marriage license in their county of residence or any other county in Georgia; couples living elsewhere must apply in the county where they plan to marry.

Requirements For Qatar Matrimonial Laws:

One must keep in mind that process of marriage in Qatar might result in lengthy paperwork. Apart from that the only venues where expats can hold your wedding are approved ones, and one of the most challenging scenarios is that you cannot get married on a beach. For expats to get married, they need to submit the following documents to the embassy:

  • To establish compatibility between couples, submit the genetic-screening test results.
  • Couples’ passport copies
  • The Residence permit should be forwarded to the embassy
  • Attach the Birth certificates of both individuals
  • Require Passport size photos 
  • Complete the respective application form
  • Submission of Divorce decree if required

Words of Advice on Picking up the Best Location:

Are you worried about the long procedure of marriage? how difficult it is for you to come out some time from your hectic schedule. Let all the stress out of your head, selecting the right choice of location. Our team highly recommends you pick up Georgia if you don’t want to pass through the long process and get the valid certificate on the same day. 

Contact us today and celebrate your biggest day of life as a dreamy wedding!

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