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Easy wedding Qatar Vs Bahrain for Expats


Many Qatar expats long to have their weddings done in the GCC including countries such as Bahrain. This could be because they do business in this Kingdom or simply admire the idea. To add to the above factors, these two countries are quite close to each other.

The Kingdom of Bahrain welcomes people from all parts of the world. However, it still maintains its place as a predominantly Muslim territory. Marriage also takes place by the precepts of this religion. So, expats should learn the marriage procedures in Qatar. This article will teach them that and also proffer alternatives like Georgia and Seychelles.

What is the standard for marriage in Bahrain and Qatar?

To conclude a marriage in Bahrain and Qatar, the couple must follow the traditional and legal procedures. An aspect of the traditional process that must be fulfilled is the payment of dowries. The bride’s family and the groom have to agree to a specific amount of jewelry and gifts as dowry.

The following documents and steps are required to complete the legal process:

  • Passport
  • The pre-marriage medical fitness result
  • Letter of approval from employers
  • Residence ID

It is important to remember that only Muslims can wed in the Bahrain and Qatar marriage courts. Non-Muslims have the option of their embassies or religious entities.

Why expats can consider Georgia and Seychelles as alternatives

Muslims can completely benefit from the seamless marriage process in Bahrain. However, non-Muslims might experience a lengthier process. There is hope for people of other faiths. Destinations like Georgia and Seychelles have simple marriage guidelines. Couples can even register their marriages within 24 hours in these countries.

What is more? There is no long process for people of other ethnicities or religion. Also, the issued certificates are recognized in other nations of the world. Expat couples will do themselves a lot of good by choosing any of these countries for marriage.

All prospective expat couples will benefit by equipping themselves with the right information. They are encourage to book a consultation with our team of wedding professionals. These will supply them all the vital information that they need.

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