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Abortion Law in Qatar: Does it impose strict rules?


As in many other countries, abortion is deemed to be an unlawful act in Qatar. Why is this so? Do people have any other choices? This Question arises in those situations where people are looking for the safest solutions of all. This article gives you a deep understanding of what are the abortion laws in Qatar and how they come out of the stressful conditions.

Knowing the Abortion laws in Qatar:

The only time abortion was permitted in Qatar society was when a pregnancy endangered the mother’s life. In order to operate it, a medical commission of three specialists must first recommend it.  As the 1983 law implicit that there are only a few circumstances under which abortions are permitted, such as when the baby has an untreatable illness or mental impairment. The procedure should last four months if harming the mother’s health, upon the agreement of both parents. Women who are pregnant out of wedlock often undergo abortions in Qatar because it is illegal to bear children.

Declaration of Punishments for Violating the Abortion Laws in Qatar:

An embryo termination consenting woman in Qatar faces a 5-year jail sentence under the penal code. In cases where an unauthorized abortion is performed on a woman with parent’s consent, the abortionist may face up to five years in prison. It will be up to 10 years without her permission.

Suggesting the Better Choices for Pregnant Mothers out of Wedlock:

The women living in Qatar are entangled with the strings of laws, where abortion is prohibited. Also, you have to undergo the lengthy procedure of solemnizing the wedding after pregnancy. To ease your stress, consider marriage in Georgia, Seychelles, or online weddings. 

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