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Is an easy wedding in Qatar the best fit for Expats?


Are you curious to know whether getting married in Qatar for expats belonging to multicultural countries will be easy for them? Many queries are spiking up like this, No worries at all!

Let’s dive into this article and find out the best solutions to your matrimonial issues. 

Specific Conditions to Follow:

Those expats from different nationalities undergo a lot of paperwork and have to face the restrictions imposed on marriage either by Qatar law or your traditional trends. You can only solemnize your wedding ceremony at approved venues, and the most difficult scenario is that no one can hold the nuptials on beaches. Here are some documents that expats need to submit to the embassy before wedlock:

  • Submit the report of genetic-screening test results in order to show whether the couples are compatible with each other or not.
  • Copies of Passport of both partners
  • Put forward the Residence permit to the embassy
  • Birth certificates of both partners
  • Attach Passport size photos 
  • Fill out the respective application form
  • Need submission of Divorce decree if required

Challenges Facing the Expats for Interfaith Marriages:

For instance, Muslim couples can only marry in a Sharia court or non-Qatari Muslims must provide a letter from a sponsor for marriage. Likewise, there are some limitations on every church, such as catholic churches allowing a marriage to be conducted if one party is Catholic and the other is Christian. They need specific documents which are certificates of eligibility or baptism, based on the laws of different churches.

Recommendations for Resolving the Biggest Matters of Nuptial:

If you are an expat couple and have to face similar situations that usually do. Keep in mind that there are various other easy paths that you can choose for the execution of less-stressful wedlock. Marriage in Georgia, Seychelles, UAE or online alternatives are providing the best services for expats from diverse backgrounds. 

No matter which ethnicity you and your partner belong to, Consult us for planning your marriage as a dream wedding!

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