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Easy wedding for Oman expats in Qatar


Qatar just like Oman and other GCC countries are operated under Sharia law. This means that the process of getting married in Qatar requires a lengthy list of required documents and prolonged waiting times. Most couples do not wish to wait an extended period of time to start their new life. This process becomes even more complex in the case of an inter-faith marriage. This elaborate procedure usually pushes expats to return to their home countries.

Verdict for an easy wedding in Qatar for Oman expats

In order to have a legally recognized marriage in Qatar, an expat is required to generally produce the following documents, which can vary according to your nationality or religion:

  • Passports
  • Residence Permit
  • Birth Certificate
  • Photographs (passport size)
  • Application form
  • Proof of divorce (if applicable)
  • Pre-marital health screening

Most expats would rather prefer to escape this daunting process and pick easier and more economical options, such as an easy online wedding. Most however opt for destination weddings in Georgia or Seychelles due to limited wedding venues in Qatar. In light of these facts, it would be advisable to escape the long process and opt for a more convenient option.

Options for expats to have an easy wedding in Qatar

If you want to have an easy wedding, your ideal option would be to plan a destination wedding in a country like Georgia or Seychelles. Along with the scenic landscapes and magical beaches, the marriage process is very convenient. Registration of marriage in these easy wedding countries requires bare minimum paperwork at an affordable cost. Especially if you or your spouse come from different religious backgrounds. The only option for you would be to get married at your respective embassies or consulates.

Another option would be to consider an online wedding, especially if you or your partner are in a long distance. The marriage can be conducted under more accommodating laws. And the translated attested marriage certificate can then be registered with the Ministry of Justice. This is an excellent option especially because Qatar law has reservations regarding the marriage of Muslim women. For instance, the law does not allow a Muslim woman to get married to a non-Muslim man unless the groom converts.

Still looking for easy wedding ideas as an expat in Oman? Book a consultation with our team now to discuss these options in more detail!

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