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Can Qatar couples opt for in a mass wedding in the UAE


Qatar couples whether they are exchanging the vows with a person out of their nationality, ethnicity or race may have better possibilities. While UAE citizens are only looking forward to a mass wedding with reduced costs. To know more about the preferable way of exchanging vows at romantic places, let’s hop on this article.

Mass wedding in the UAE

The Fazaa initiative relies on reviving the old cultural norms of the UAE and making the bond stronger with other Emirati people. Therefore, the innovative idea of mass weddings comes up on the frontline of every social media channel. It is the most affordable and lavish process for UAE citizens to get married without any hassle in front of thousands of people. In 2020, the tradition started in Dubai and is going up till now in Abu Dhabi. 

The marriage process in Qatar

Getting married in Qatar is a bit of a lengthy process. You will likely need to go to embassies, photocopy documents, search for certificates, and take passport-size photographs.

There may be a requirement that you show your birth certificate, divorce papers, resident permit, passport, and other documents depending on your country. You can also check with your local embassies to find out how the process works.

Concluding your thoughts on the mass wedding in the UAE

If you are a UAE citizen, be the one and join hands with other Emirati brothers and get married in a mass wedding beautifully. However, for Qatar couples or expats, either you may follow the Qatar rules or look for other possible ways in case of the fast matrimonial procedure. For this, you can tie the knot with your loved ones in Georgia, Seychelles or adopt the online wedding, depending on your marriage situation.

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