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Easy wedding Dubai for Qatar expats -Expectations and alternatives


It is true that Dubai has attracted a lot of persons because of its efficient and prosperous economy. Since a lot of persons desire better opportunities, many have migrated to Dubai. In addition to their desire for personal development, some expats also dream of an easy wedding in Dubai.

Many Qatar expats believe that a wedding in Dubai is easy and comes without a lot of hassles. This article will consider the actual requirements for a marriage in Dubai. It will also consider the options of Georgia, Seychelles, and the Online routes for marriage.

Steps required for an easy wedding in Dubai

The first fact that couples need to know is that Dubai only officiates marriage according to Sharia law. Therefore, Muslim Qatar expats will not have a hard time getting married there. The Sharia law for marriage dictates the following:

  • The persons who want to marry should be up to 18 years.
  • The bride must approve of the marriage.
  • The bride’s father and two male witnesses should be present on the marriage day.
  • A health screening will be done at a government-approved health facility.
  • None of the parties should be twice the age of the other.
  • At least one of the parties should live in Dubai.
  • The couple should present the following; passport, Emirates ID, birth certificate, and a divorce certificate (if any).

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the law does not allow a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim. However, a Muslim man can marry a Christian woman. So, religion is a major consideration for anyone who wants to marry in Dubai.

Comparing Other valid options to an easy wedding in Dubai

Apart from Dubai, Qatar expats might consider other good countries for their wedding. Georgia and Seychelles are some great countries that people can consider for marriage. Their laws are designed to make marriage fast and easy.

The procedure only requires a few documents and two witnesses to sail through. It is also not expensive so anyone can get it. Expats who may want to conclude the marriage fast and get back to their jobs will appreciate a marriage in these two countries. The online route is another fast way to marry because it takes away the physical stress of marriage.

If you want an easy Dubai wedding but do not meet all the specifications for marriage, consider the three options listed above. You can also book a consultation with our team of wedding experts who will be ready to guide you.

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