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Should couples choose an expensive 2022 wedding in Dubai or Qatar?


There are many factors that dictate where a couple chooses for marriage. The average cost of goods and services is one of those essential requirements. Dubai is a wealthy nation and weddings in this location might entail a tangible amount of luxury.

Couples who want a 2022 wedding in Dubai or Qatar must factor in religion and the cost of the legal and ceremonial processes. Let us now look at the common things that couples can expect for marriage in these places. We will also see why Georgia can be considered a wedding destination.

Common expectations for a Dubai and Qatar wedding

The marriage processes in Dubai and Qatar are quite similar in nature. Both are Muslim entities and civil marriage is done according to Sharia rites. For residents who are not Muslims, the choices of a wedding in their religious outfits or embassies are available to them. 

Some important wedding requirements that might cost the couple some reasonable financial resources are;

  • The feeding of guests
  • The wedding venue and its decoration
  • Photography, and
  • Musical entertainment

Even though these factors look basic, they might be more expensive in Dubai and Qatar than in their home countries because of how hard it might be to get the right service providers. 

Georgia is another option that couples might want to examine. It is a free country that weds people no matter their religion. The registration process does not delay unnecessarily. So, those who do not have the capacity for a 2022 wedding in Dubai can opt for it.

Final remarks on Georgia as a wedding destination

Many couples can testify to the ease that the country of Georgia offered during their marriage process. A large number of applicants complete the registration within a day. If they want a small or large wedding, the process can be finalized in five days.

The more appealing fact about a wedding in Georgia is that venues like hotels, mountain settings, and parks can be afforded without breaking the bank. The couple also gets to experience a new country.

If you consider the facts and believe that a wedding in Georgia is excellent for you, book a consultation with our wedding agency. Our experts will help you to make the best decisions.

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