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Can foreigners get married in the UAE? Evaluation the stakes on Qatar citizens


Given that the United Arab Emirates is an Islamic nation, many might wonder about the feasibility of marriage for foreigners in the territory. The uncertainty is even more compelling for a nation like Qatar which was at loggerheads with the UAE following the 2017 gulf crisis. 

In previous years, Sharia law was the main guiding principle for marriage in the United Arab Emirates. However, a new law that allows foreigners to get married in accordance with the civil marriage contract was recently initiated. The guiding principles are found in the fourth and fifth articles of Law No. 14, 2021.

Requirements of the marriage law for foreigners in UAE

In January 2021, the UAE agreed to a reconciliation with Qatar. This also meant a relief from the travel ban that was formerly placed on Qatar citizens. So, foreigners (Qatar residents inclusive), who choose to get married in the UAE are expected to comply with some uncomplicated standards. 

It will be wise to group the requirements by religious inclinations since religion is a primary deciding factor for marriage.

Marriage between Muslim Qatar expats

 Islam is the official religion in Qatar so if two Muslims from this region decide to get married in the UAE, they simply have to do so in accordance with the Sharia law. The law also allows a Muslim man to get married to a Christian woman but the reverse is not acceptable.

How can Non Muslim Qatar expats get married

The consent of the parties is required in this case. At least one of the two persons getting married must be residing in the UAE and both of them must be up to 18 years old. It is also vital that they tender documents such as;

  • The birth certificate 
  • Divorce certificate (if any)
  • Passports and,
  • A marriage application form.

Final answer to the question: Can foreigners marry in the UAE?

In conclusion, it is true that foreigners can get married in the UAE. They can do this with the aid of the new marriage law which is liberal in all ramifications. Yes, a destination wedding in the UAE is possible.

If you are a foreigner who wishes to get married in the UAE, speak to our legal wedding expert that would make this a stress free process.

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