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Abortion law in the US Vs Qatar


Expulsion or abortion of a fetus or embryo is not a cakewalk. In U.S 1 in 4 women abort a life during their pregnancy. In 1973 Roe v Wade legalized it nationwide from 50 years. However, the laws by different states helped to stop people to go on with the abortion procedure. On Friday, June 24, the Supreme Court decided to officially overturn the 1973 landmark decision of abortion.

In this article we draw comparison between the abortion laws in America Vs Qatar for our expats living here.

Abortion laws in US states

 Senate Bill 8 was passed on 1 Sep 2021. It was a downfall, and lost the battle for many pro-abortion advocates.  In Texas, according to the senate, people won’t be able to terminate or abort the fetus after 6 weeks of pregnancy by any technique. In Arkansas, Montana, and New Hampshire, Senate bill 6 was made for the protection of the unborn child. This act won’t allow the mother to abort the embryo after 22 weeks of pregnancy. While in Idaho, it is prevented based on a finding of the fetal heartbeat. In Oklahoma, the state threat the doctors to cancel their licenses if using termination techniques on their patients. Parents are counseled by the specialist to change their own decision in West Virginia and South Dakota.

Abortion Laws in Qatar:

It is illegal under special conditions. Under Qatar’s penal code, a woman who consents to embryo termination is punished by the government for 5 years of jail. With the Parent’s consent, individuals who perform an unauthorized abortion on a woman may face up to five years imprisonment and up to ten years if it is performed without the mother’s consent.

Historically, abortion was allowed in Qatar society only if the pregnancy was deemed to endanger the mother’s life. Abortions must first be recommended by a medical commission comprising three specialists before they can be performed. 

Furthermore, a law formalized in 1983 states:

“Abortions are only allowed when the baby might have an untreatable disease or mental impairment. The duration of the procedure should be *4 months if it could harm the mother’s health, and both parents must agree to terminate the pregnancy”.

Abortions in Qatar are sometimes performed by women who are pregnant out of wedlock as a direct result of the illegality of giving birth to a child.

Final Verdict on why abortion in the US is illegal?

 According to these laws, abortion is not legal unless in emergency cases. However, the debate over the emotional impact due to abortion is a contentious one. Some women had post-traumatic stress that elevated levels of anxiety and depression. On one side, they can marry the biological father of the child rather than go for an abortion. They can also opt for other options of Georgia, Seychelles, or online weddings if there is a travel restriction for the mother during this time. 

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