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How to get married easily in Georgia Vs Qatar


Qatar is a Muslim nation that allows civil marriage under some limited conditions. In this nation, it is allowed for Muslim men to get married to foreigners who are not Muslims. However, the reverse is not acceptable.

Foreigners who do not practice the same religion as the citizens of Qatar can only get married in some churches or embassies that are approved by the government. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate other convenient options for this group of people. Georgia is one of such options and we will examine this fact in detail.

Basic requirements for marriage in Georgia

Before considering the documents that are required for marriage in Georgia, it is vital to note that this country welcomes all foreigners regardless of their religion. Therefore, civil marriage between foreigners takes place unhindered. The following official documents are necessary for marriage in Georgia.

  • A valid Passport: A valid passport is required by the presiding registrar to officiate a marriage in Georgia. 
  • Marriage Application Form: The marriage application form is to be obtained from the marriage house. A small amount of money is required for the purchase of the form.
  • A divorce certificate if available: If any of the individuals getting married has been divorced previously, the law requires that they tender the certificate which invalidates their previous marriage.
  • Two Witnesses: Compared to Qatar where the bride must obtain consent from her father or any other guardian before marriage, Georgia does not have such a law. Consent is only required for individuals who are under 16. 

Like in many other official agreements, two witnesses are required to be present at the wedding.

Accessibility benefit for couples who are considering how to get married easily in Georgia

Expats living in Qatar might now wonder how they can access Georgia. The travel route is smooth and straightforward. Also, no visa is required as this is issued on arrival. Since there are daily flights from Qatar to Georgia, it is very easy to book a trip.

As considered above, easy legal requirements and non-complicated travel rules make Georgia a favorable marriage destination for all in Qatar. Since there are no religious restrictions, expats will seal their marriage in a hitch-free manner. 

Are you still confused about how to get married easily in Georgia? Do well to book a session with our team of wedding experts for further guidance.

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