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How hard to meet the requirements of Sharia law marriage in Qatar


Getting married in Qatar puts a lot of effort into fulfilling the requirements of Sharia Law marriage. However, it may take a few rounds to embassies, photocopying documents and cranking out certificates.

Muslim countries like Qatar have their own sets of strict regulations for marriage. All you need to do is submit the birth certificates and divorce papers, resident permit, passport, etc. You will check out the procedures with Qatar’s local embassy, as needed, and give 21 days’ notice before getting married.

Legal Requirements of Sharia Law marriage in Qatar

As per Sharia Law, only Muslim couples get married in court. Unlike in other Muslim countries, it is not permitted for Muslim expats in Qatar to get married if their partner is a non-Muslim. 

In case, Qatari men marry non-Qatari women should require permission from the marriage committee. After the ceremony, you will receive the marriage certificate in Arabic.

It is very hard for expats to get married in Qatar because of the more procedural paperwork as well as needing an approved venue. Furthermore, the wedding reception may be a bit boring as the hotels organize the event. As far as weddings on the beach are concerned, Qatar does not permit this.

Most international Muslim couples wish to marry the love of their life in Seychelles due to its less hectic paperwork and being filled with romantic tropical islands.

Final Verdict on Restricted Sharia Law marriage requirements for Qatar

Although Qatar is a beautiful place for visiting, there are a lot of restrictions for expats to marry under Sharia law. By avoiding these limitations, they usually prefer to organize the best day of life in Seychelles, Georgia or online. 

If you choose your wedding destination in Qatar, don’t make a fuss out of your perfect day. Consult us to learn more about easy-wedding!

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