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Requirements to give birth in the UAE for Qatar couple – Pregnancy law and advice


Many foreigners move to the UAE in order to improve their living conditions. If you were one of those, you would already be aware that you would face some difficulties in relocating to the UAE. Strict laws on pregnancy, marriage and unmarried cohabitation are among the major concerns. Although the UAE has modified the rules, current studies and trends show that a marriage certificate is still required if you want a child with a legal birth certificate and health insurance coverage. 

This post also discusses the best way to marry if you are facing pregnancy before marriage in the UAE.

Possible complications you can face if you are pregnant outside of marriage

As previously stated, if you are pregnant without marriage, you may face additional complications even after the new legislation is implemented. It may be difficult to obtain medical insurance and a birth certificate for your newborn. Hospitals may continue to contact the police in order to discuss your case with the Personal Status Court.

If the couple wants to obtain their baby’s legal birth certificate, they must submit an authentic wedding certificate, according to one of the UAE government’s official websites. Furthermore, according to the DHA, medical insurance does not cover unmarried maternity treatment (Dubai Health Authority).

Giving birth in UAE

Giving birth in the UAE has to happen in a hospital or clinic. In order to secure admission, the parents have to produce the following:

  • Mother’s and father’s Emirates IDs and passports
  • Health insurance card or full advance payment (if you are paying in cash)
  • Parents’ marriage certificates attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Register a birth in UAE

After your baby is born, you have a maximum of 30 days to register his/her birth. To obtain a birth certificate – which is needed to register a birth – the following documents have to be submitted, either to the hospital/clinic where the child is born (if it’s a government one) or the concerned health authority (if it’s a private one) in the emirate of your residence:

  • An attested Arabic translated marriage certificate (if the original is in a different language);
  • Original and copy of husband’s and wife’s passport and residence visa;
  • Birth notification (issued by the hospital)

After obtaining a birth certificate, the Ministry of Health of Prevention and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation must attest to it.

In conclusion, what is the best solution if you are pregnant without a marriage certificate

If you are pregnant in the UAE in 2022, you can have a destination wedding. Getting married in Georgia is the most common and efficient option. In addition to receiving a genuine marriage certificate, the entire process can be completed in a matter of days.

It’s critical to remember that under the new regulations, unmarried pregnancy is no longer a legal crime in the UAE. However, you don’t want to be a victim of a situation in which you are unable to obtain valid birth or maternity insurance.

Share this valuable information with people who are under the same circumstances to help them out.

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