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Is it easy to marry in Qatar for Filipino nationals


To be married successfully in Qatar as a Filipino, you’ll need to know the facts. If you are planning on getting married in Qatar, there are a number of things you should be aware of.

Getting married as an expat living abroad is easier if your partner is of the same nationality, follows the same religion, and has all of the necessary papers. In this article, we’ll go over the criteria on how to do it.

Getting married in Qatar as a Filipino Muslim

It will be quite easy to get married in Qatar if you are a Filipino Muslim, as the laws of the country will favor you. The marriage will have to be conducted at the sharia courts, which you will find at Al Rayyan Road in the Musheirib area. It is only Muslims who can get married here.

Although there are marriages between Muslim men and non-Muslim women that are allowed in other Muslim countries, but not in Qatar Sharia courts.

Non-Muslim Filipinos getting married in Qatar

If you are a non-Muslim in Qatar, the best option for getting married might be a civil marriage as long as the requirements are in place.

  • Contacting either the Anglican, Catholic, or an Orthodox church in Qatar to arrange the marriage
  • The marriage certificate has to be translated into Arabic by a translator who should be recognized by the QCCI—Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • The marriage certificate has to be registered at the office of land registration and legalization in West Bay’s Ministry of Justice office.

In conclusion on how to get married in Qatar for Filipino

For Filipinos, getting married in Qatar is determined primarily by the religion and nationality of their future spouse. Due to the fact that Qatar is an Islamic country, Muslims have an easier time getting married than non-Muslims.

If your partner is of a different nationality or faith, we recommend Georgia or the Seychelles as alternative wedding destinations. The process and documentation are simpler here, and interfaith couples can get married with ease.

Keen to know more about getting married in Qatar for Filipinos ? Book a call with our team of legal expert planners to know more.

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