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How to have your marriage registration in Dubai for Qatar expats and residents


Dubai or UAE is a famous place for marriages nowadays. Both Muslims and non-Muslims can get married in Dubai. For people living in Qatar, the process of marriage registration in Dubai is quick and straightforward.

In this article; we discuss under what conditions and requirements for a Qatar resident and expat; register for a marriage in Dubai.

General requirements for marriage registration in Dubai

  • The couple must be above 18 years of age.
  • The bride must consent to the marriage.
  • At least one party must have a resident visa.
  • A positive premarital screening report for the couple from any UAE healthcare facilities.
  • The couple’s presence is necessary.
  • The bride’s father or his proxy, as well as two male Muslim witnesses, must be present.
  • The consent of a woman’s guardian is required for her to marry.
  • In the event that the father dies, the presence of the next closest male guardian, such as an elder brother, is necessary.
  • Women who have been divorced or widowed must show proof of their marital status.
  • If the bride is Muslim but her father is not, she will require a document from her embassy or consulate stating that there are no objections.

The marriage council has the power to cancel the marriage registration in Dubai if the screening result is negative. Muslims can register their marriage under the Islamic marriage and non Muslims under civil.

Requirements for Qatar residents and expats

Qatar residents and expats can get married under the Sharia court provided both are Muslims. If both are non Muslim; a civil marriage in Dubai or UAE is possible. This additionally also requires either of the spouses to be a resident citizen in the UAE. If either of the partner is Muslim then getting married in Dubai or most of the GCC countries is nearly impossible.

Given all the conditions, the best way for these couples is to consider other alternatives such as countries like Georgia or Seychelles with requires minimum paperwork. With the right legal wedding support; the same can be attested in the UAE giving you the flexibility to avoid all hassle and marry the person you love.

In conclusion to marriage register in Dubai for Qatar expats and residents

Marriage registration in Dubai is simple as along as you have all the necessary documents. The wedding situation only gets complicated if you partner belong to a different religion, nationality or if you have any missing documents.

Want to know about the marriage registration procedure for Qatar expats and residents in Dubai ? Book a call with legal wedding experts.

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