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Living in Qatar – Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of your wedding ahead


Getting married in Qatar is quite conflicting for GCC expats and people of different nationalities. Women’s rights are complicated and conflicting in Qatar. The law does not treat women rightly while dealing with divorce, marriage, inheritance, custody of children, and professional matters.

On the other hand, Abu Dhabi with its new laws is quickly turning out to be one of the best wedding destinations for non-residents and expats who cannot marry in other corners. In this article; we shed light on Abu Dhabi marriages and the flipside of a wedding in Qatar.

Why Abu Dhabi over Qatar?

A woman can marry in Qatar only when her father approves the marriage before two male witnesses. In addition, marriage between biological relatives has been a prevalent custom in Qatar.

Qatar Government does not allow civil marriages for non-Muslims. Therefore, non-Muslims of different nationalities and individuals from Gulf countries find it difficult to marry in Qatar. Due to the predominance of Sharia law, Qatar Government only approves Islamic religious marriages.

One can opt for any of the two choices to marry their loved ones legally. Firstly, Non-Muslims can marry under civil law in Abu Dhabi, and, secondly, individuals from different nationalities can tie wedding knots in Georgia and Seychelles without any hassle.

Abu Dhabi Marriage Legal procedures

Abu Dhabi Government passed its new secular family law in November 2021 to allow Non-Muslims (Non-residents and expats) to marry through legal procedures. Individuals from foreign countries can submit marriage applications to the Abu Dhabi judicial department. The court provides the prospective couple with a marriage date when the couple will visit the court and sign the marriage paper. The couple receives a stamped registered marriage certificate from the court on the same day.

Getting a discount on your wedding plans

Negations is key if you are on a budget and planning your big day. However not always discount is the ideal way to go. Some agencies might charge you a premium price for their service; and that’s ok. The big question to ask is; will I be able to get married hassle free.

Keep a watch for discounts times; when agencies do offer some. For instance: with Ramadhan; Easy Weddings is offering their upcoming couples a 10% discount; this is an opportunity not to miss out.

To Conclude about your wedding in Qatar

While getting married in Qatar is tricky; Abu Dhabi is emerging as the safest place and one of the most liberal-minded, cosmopolitan cities across the globe. To avoid marriage-associated difficulties, one can choose Abu Dhabi or other wedding destinations such as Georgia or Seychelles.

Keen to plan your big day in GCC? You can check in with our planners and learn which wedding destination would be best suited in your given situation.

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